Presenting the AGROSH+ project at the “Second International Occupational Safety and Health Conference – Invest in Safety”

Between the 11th and 13th of May 2017, ROMTENS Foundation was invited to participate in the “Second International Occupational Safety and Health Conference” organized by FCBZR (partner within the AGROSH+ project) in Obzor, Bulgaria.

Romtens Foundation was represented by Mr. Daniel Dodoc who presented the AGROSH+ project, its partnership, the main objectives and activities, the results, but also the specific approach it is proposing. The presentation performed by Mr. Daniel Dodoc is part of the efforts made by the Romtens Foundation in raising awareness about the project and its current and future results. Of special interest are mainly the two training courses which are going to be organized in September 2017 (C2-the course for occupational medicine physicians) and in June 2018 (C1-the course for Occupational Safety and Health experts).

Mr. Daniel Dodoc has also highlighted the need for such a project in the context of the high number of work related accidents occurred in the agriculture sector at European level and how this project aims to enhance the knowledge and expertise of the OSH experts and Occupational Medicine physicians who are in charge with providing services to companies working within the agriculture sector.  

The audience consisted of more than 150 participants coming from 14 different countries, representing mainly the OSH community, but with numerous occupational medicine physicians, psychologists, and work-related accidents insurance experts being present as well.

For further information regarding this event, please visit the FCBZR website:



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