Project Results

All project results (regardless being considered as outputs, outcomes or impact results) represent the joint effort of all AGROSH+ project partners, and the responsibility and credit is jointly shared by them. Having said that it is also important to mention that to each partner has been designated a clear role in the implementation of the project activities and, accordingly, in the development of the project results.

From a descriptive perspective project results are divided in 2 (two) categories: tangible results - the ones that will generate a tangible outcome (document, website and other media) and intangible results - the ones that will lead to an increased level of knowledge, to a higher level of institutional capacity (for the project partners), to increased knowledge for trainees (enhanced knowledge, newly acquired skills, changed attitudes) and higher specificity and up-to-date services (OSH and occupational medicine services) provided to companies form the agriculture sector.

The tangible results category includes 13 Intellectual Outputs (IO) that will be produced during the lifetime of the project. They are as follows:

  1. Comparative Study - OSH systems;
  2. Course 1 Training Curriculum & Accreditation Dossier - Safety Experts;
  3. Course 2 Training Curriculum & Accreditation Dossier - Occupational Med. Doctors;
  4. Course 1 Training Materials - Safety Experts;
  5. Course 2 Training Materials - Occupational Med. Doctors;
  6. Course 1 Evaluation Package - Safety Experts;
  7. Course 2 Evaluation Package - Occupational Physicians;
  8. Technical Specifications & Blueprint & Guideline for the e-learning platform;
  9. E-learning platform (for both);
  10. Guideline for OSH practice within the Agriculture sector;
  11. Article to be published in OSH journals;
  12. Concept & messages for the instruments of the dissemination package;
  13. Concept and proposals of curriculum & content changes for graduate/post-graduate education;

Within the intangible results category we could list (without being limited to) the following:

  • Increased competences of the trainees (furthermore illustrated distinctively by their increased knowledge, changed attitudes, and new skills acquired)
  • Increased institutional capacity for the project partners in managing OSH and Occupational Medicine training courses, both at national and European level;
  • Increased specificity, enhanced quality and up-to-date OSH services provided to agricultural companies;
  • Increaseadaptability to European requirements due to the standardization of training courses amongst partner countries;

Increased level of information related to project outcomes amongst interested and relevant communities (OSH experts, occupational medicine physicians, agriculture experts, public health experts, rural medicine experts, etc.).

The project results deemed to be public will also be posted on the Erasmus+ Project Results Platform along with the project description and relevant contact information.


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This project is supported through the Lifelong Learning Programme. Agreement Number: LLP-LdV-TOI-2007-BE-104

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