The 2nd Transnational Meeting – 22th of May 2017

The 2nd Transnational Meeting of the AGROSH+ project took place in Athens, Greece on the 22th of May 2017 and was organized with the support of PROLEPSIS.

The meeting was attended by representatives of all 5 partners of the AGROSH+ project.

The meeting has had the following operational objectives

  1. To present to all project partners the  Reporting Plan, the Reporting Procedure and above all, to explain in great detail the use of all related templates for the Financial & Technical Reporting (for the Interim Report);
  2. To discuss and agree upon all administrative details concerning the C4 - "Implementation Course 2-Occupational Medicine for Agriculture“(18th – 23rd of September 2017, Bucharest/Romania);
  3. To decide the locations and the dates/periods of time for project’s next events.

The following results have been achieved as a result of the meeting:

  1. All partners took note of the Financial & Technical reporting rules and of the related templates which must be filled-in. Together we decided upon a reporting timetable which includes reporting periods and deadlines for sending the related documents.
  2. It was decided the number of participants at C4 - "Implementation Course 2-Occupational Medicine for Agriculture“, from each partner. Discussions were held in regards to the selection of the participants and the criteria to be used for it.
  3. All partners decided the location and the dates (or periods of time) for the project’s next events:
  • C4 - "Implementation Course 2-Occupational Medicine for Agriculture“
  • PM3 - Transnational Project Meeting 3 (Romania / Timisoara),
  • C1 - "1st Joint Staff Training-Testing Course 1" (Bulgaria)
  • PM 4 - Transnational Project Meeting 4 (Bulgaria / Sofia)
  • PM 5 - Transnational Project Meeting 5 (Ireland / Dublin)
  • C3 - "Implementation Course 1-OSH for Agriculture" (Romania-Timisoara



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