Presenting the AGROSH+ project at the “7th EASOM Summer School - Managing & Teaching Ergonomics”

Between the 24th and 26th of August 2017, UMFVBT was invited to participate at the “7th EASOM Summer School - Managing & Teaching Ergonomics”, in Miskolc-Tapolca, Hungary.

EASOM is active in international meetings and conferences. EASOM holds an annual Summer School to promote sharing of knowledge and experience of teaching within Europe.

This year's theme of EASOM Summer School was "Teaching and managing ergonomics".

Ergonomics represents a basic chapter of the module addressed to Occupational Medicine physicians within the AGROSH+ project, therefore Prof. dr. Elena-Ana Pauncu held a presentation with the following theme “Stakeholders’ roles in adapting workplaces for ergonomics risks - European examples from the agriculture sector in the AGROSH+ project” which raised the interest of the audience.

The audience of the conference was around 200 participants (occupational health specialists, work safety specialists, ergonomics specialists and representatives of employees and employers), from 10 countries (Romania; Hungary, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Croatia, Moldavia, Slovenia, Serbia).

For further information regarding this event and the presentations, please visit the EASOM website:

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